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An extraterrestrial menace is attacking your home planet - unfortunately (for them) you are an Elite Pilot of the secret SR84 NEON stealth fighter jet. Board it, blast them - featuring one-finger touch control, 6 worlds, 18 stages - and voxel 3D graphics that belongs in a gallery!
SR84 NEON LAUNCHED! The game is free and available for iOS and Android.

Action-paced, retro-inspired endless downfaller. Wait, is this even a video game genre?
Glide in style and collect some bombs along the way - featuring innovative 1-finger touch control!
Get FALL. DIE. REPEAT. for iOS - it's free!

Spot the difference between two scenes and solve various detective cases, from city life to outer space! If you're stuck, get a clue - and if you're good, try to get a "Perfect!"-rating for each scene.
The Picture Detective is available for iOS and Android.

Take the role of the world's most famous detective (cat) Sir Wellington, enjoying your well-deserved retirement... until world's greatest landmarks get stolen and the Secret Service needs your help... talk to witnesses, collect information about the suspects, follow them around the world!

Sir Wellington World Detective can be played on iOS and Android. (NEW!)

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