Sir Wellington World Detective

You are Sir Wellington, the greatest detective of all time! But… you retired some months ago. Unfortunately, the notorious crime syndicate A.N.I.M.A.L. isn’t. These critters are stealing famous landmarks and building all over the world. You can’t let that happen. Follow them, get them!

Out now for iOS!

Sir Wellington’s retirement plan doesn’t work out, it seems.
Fly to the crime scene (and learn something!)
Visit cities and locations all over the world…
…and talk to the inhabitants to gather clues about the crime!
Is the villain in Dubai? Talk to the people around and find out!
If you’ve collected enough information about the route of the villain… book a flight!
Want to know more about the world? Check “City Info” and learn interesting facts.
And finally and most important: don’t forget to identify the criminal and issue a warrant!